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Work for and with each other.

Your team is the foundation for your success at Bright Tiger. We believe that in order for this to happen you need to be surrounded by people who know dentistry. This means that only clinical employees are in our practices allowing our clinical teams to focus on patient care. You will have an entirely remote team in the Support Office who exists to cover all non-clinical-related items. We help you so that you can help your patients.


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Keep score and adapt to win

We are focused on being the best at providing patients an experience that they will remember. We keep this in mind and are relentless in adapting our processes, technology, and solutions to making this focus a reality. 

Speak up with facts

Our teams are the way that we are in order to be able to move quickly and get things done. We ask for constant feedback of what is working in your office and what isn't. Your feedback shapes and guides where we go as a business and is vital to our success, so when you have something to say we want you to speak up!

Think like neighbors, 
act like owners

We are proud to be able to help our patients that live around our offices, as well as proud to support the communities that we live in. Bright Tiger Dental engages in community groups and events to help us better understand and relate to the needs of our patients. By better understanding and knowing your patients, you can begin to think like the owner of the office and do what is best for the patient. 


When we opened Bright Tiger, we started with one question, "How can we do dental differently?" We started by removing things that held our patients and team members back; front desk staff, waiting rooms and overpacked schedules. 

At Bright Tiger, you will see a fully clinical staff building meaningful relationships with patients while still being able to leave on time and a Support Office dedicated to helping our clinical teams focus on what they do best, provide top-notch clinical care.


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